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Silva Web Development (dba ConX-2-U) provides consulting services and is developing a custom enterprise software solution for local business and organizations to improve their operational efficiency and marketing techniques. ConX-2-U's innovative solution combines the core software services that a modern business needs and makes customer communication and outreach easy for business owners whether they are web savvy or technologically challenged. Visit for more information.

This page is a static page for Silva Web Development.   My site redesign is almost done and will be uploaded soon. Contact me at email or call me at (916) 337-5113 if you have any questions.

Front End

Working with my clients to develop the front end they want and working with the many tools that the internet can offer them to create new customers and keep current customers coming back is what I strive for.   Chances are my solutions will open up new ways for my clients to market their products and become more interactive with their customers then they ever thought they could.

To provide more value to my clients I have been using a few different CMS's (Content Management Systems) to speed development and create safer, more robust sites.   For large sites that need enterprize support I am now developing in EZ-Publish and Joomla.   For smaller E-Commerce driven sites I am developing in OSCommerce and Cube-cart and for blog sites I am developing in Drupal and WordPress.   All of these content management systems allow me to provide sites for my customers that are standards based and have a large developer base for the best in security, and usability while being easy to modify with extensions and PHP programming.   My clients can with little training update/customize their site with with their own content.

The development technologies I use include PHP, PERL, HTML, DHTML (Dynamic HTML), CSS (Cascading Style Sheets), JavaScript (a client side scripting language), and of course graphic design.

I have over 7 years experience in the front end graphical design & layout, hand-coding of html, dynamic html, and javascript for web pages, as well as the use of cascading style sheets.

For front end development, cross-browser compatability is very important. This entails writing code that works for the various versions of Document Object Models (DOMs) of Microsoft's Internet Explorer, Mozillas Firefox, and googles new Chrome browser - to name a few.


The middleware technologies I use include Perl - a C-like scripting language, PHP4 and PHP5 - an open source HTML embedded scripting language, XML - a markup language allowing one to define their own markup tags for data, and XSP (basically xml with perl or java embedded in it) - from Apache web server's AxKit projects.

I have several years experience working with Perl from server administration to CGI scripting from HTML conversion to XML parsing. I am familiar with and have used many of the perl modules listed on

I am currently learning to use more interactive development utilizing the JQuery JavaScript Framework as well and integration with Web 2.0 web sites to enhance customer intaction and SEO (Search Engine Optomization) for Google listing.

Back End

I develop and maintain most back end server functions and have worked in many different server environments (Linux, ISS, Solaris). The web server of choice being Apache, running on Linux (or some form of UNIX).

My database of choice is MySQL, the foremost open source relation database management system. I maintain and developed on MySQL and Oracle servers and have managed

Should you require streaming content, be it video or audio - mp3, avi, quicktime or Real© content - I can setup and maintain your Real© Server for streaming on-demand content. There are several other open source streaming content servers for mpeg and mp3 format as well.

I have more than 5 years of Networking experience - from setting up a SOHO (Small Home Office) LAN with a shared broadband installing and configuring DHCP for corporate development servers and client LAN access.

I pride myslelf in doing what I can and working with the customer to meet and exceed their goals.   Please give me an email or call me (916) 337-5113 if you have any questions.